About Us

IDCT  HR Consulting – Vision Mission Values


To be the leading provider of talent management, executive coaching, leadership and team development consulting in the Asia Pacific region.


To partner with clients to provide integrated consulting services to attract, retain and grow talent to drive individual, team and organizational performance.


Collaboration – work as a team

Respect – value everyone

Credibility – walk the talk

Integrity – do what is right

Excellence – be your best

Accountability – own your actions

IDCT uses industry-leading chartered occupational psychologists to bring you accurate practice versions of the tests used by recruiters. Our consultants have worked for the largest Companies , so we have in-depth knowledge of how psychometric tests work.
IDCT was setup to help graduates and job seekers find out about the psychometric tests commonly used by employers. By being familiar with the style and layout of aptitude tests, knowing what to expect, and knowing how your score will be used, candidates are less flustered and are better able to perform to their best ability…

“We take a personalized and professional approach to build long-term, highly productive and trusting relationships with our clients and with our candidates. We strive to deliver outstanding results in the most professional and collaborative way possible.”